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Before we make a plunge, we should clear something up. At Home Revive, we utilize the term window grilles to depict the beautifying lines used to isolate a window into sheets outwardly. Nonetheless, we realize that property holders frequently allude to these highlights as window lattices. Along these lines, for this article, we’ll utilize those two terms reciprocally.

By and large, window grilles, or matrices, use to be a fundamental piece of windows since they kept intact the numerous glass sheets in a window. Today, window grilles are for the most part brightening, meaning the decision to add frameworks or not is generally about feel. Conclude whether grilles are the right search for your home as we investigate the various kinds of grilles, profiles, design choices and that’s just the beginning.

Types of Window Grilles

At Home Revive, we offer three main types of grilles: Integral Light Technology®, Simulated-Divided-Light and between-the-glass. Below we’ll describe each kind in more detail.

Integral Light Technology Grilles

Integral Light Technology grilles are permanently attached to the interior and exterior of your glass. Metal spacers are added in between the grilles to cast a realistic shadow like individual windowpanes would. Helping to capture the look of true-divided-light without sacrificing energy performance, this is an innovative grille option for those who need to meet requirements from a historical preservation society. These historically-accurate grilles are available on Home Revive® Reserve™ windows and doors.

Simulated-Divided-Light Grilles

Available exclusively on Home Revive® Lifestyle Series, Simulated-Divided-Light grilles are another energy-efficient option if you want the look of divided-light windowpanes. On dual-pane windows, grilles are permanently bonded to the interior and exterior, but do not have spacers in between like Integral Light Technology grilles.


Grilles-between-the-glass are permanently sealed between a window’s panes of glass. This allows for smooth glass surfaces on both the inside and outside, making the window easy to clean. Where the look of divided light is desired, grilles-between-the-glass are a convenient, sleek option. Aluminum between-the-glass grilles are available on vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows, with color options differing by product line.

Grille Profiles

Home Revive offers several different grille profiles including ogee, putty, square, contour and flat. Ogee, putty and square are wood window profile options for the interior and exterior of windows. Contour and flat are the choices for grilles-between-the-glass, available on wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows.

An ogee profile looks notable and lavish. It consolidates two round inlets to create an “S” shape. Notwithstanding window grilles, you could perceive an ogee profile on hand tailored table edges and crown moldings. In the event that you’re going for a conventional tasteful, a clay profile is another extraordinary choice. It is less resplendent than an ogee profile yet at the same time intended to seem as though profiles made with a clay blade in customary window making. A clay profile, reproduced with irrefutable points, encourages your customary tasteful by giving significant profundity and a reasonable shadow.

For the individuals who believe that their window networks should look contemporary, square profiles are the best approach. Our industry-driving present day plans give a smooth, made right look.

With wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows, you have the choice to add grilles-between-the-glass. Shape and level are the two lattice profiles accessible for between-the-glass grilles. Form has notches and enumerating that loan a conventional look while level grilles are smooth and negligible, oozing current style.

Window Grid Patterns to Suit Your Home’s Style

Window lattices, or grilles, come in many examples and plans. Utilized purposefully, lattices can advance the particular style or compositional plan of your home. In this segment, we’ll talk about some well known network designs including Conventional, Grassland, Top Column and Cross. A few instances of custom lattices will likewise be shared.

Traditional and Colonial Window Grids

As you would have speculated, the Customary grille design oozes the style of conventional windows. This example can be perceived by vertical and even lines outwardly partition the window into equivalent areas. Matched with a block house or noteworthy components, this example encourages customary design and style. On twofold draped windows with shades, the Customary example can assist with conveying provincial window lattices. Pioneer style is about evenness, so this example will fit right in with the general stylish.

six windows with prairie grilles aside a wood front entry door

Prairie Window Grids

Prairie window grids are quite different from the symmetrical look of Traditional grilles. The Prairie pattern divides the window into unequal sections, featuring a large rectangle in the middle and a small square in each corner. This grid is common in contemporary, ranch and rambler homes as it showcases abstract, asymmetrical style with straight, simple lines. With the vast space in the middle, this pattern leaves more glass unobstructed, a hallmark of modern design.

three wood casement windows with craftsman window grids

Craftsman Window Grids

The Top Row window grid pattern is synonymous with craftsman style. Top Row grilles feature straight grid lines only on the top portion of the window. This pattern adds sophisticated yet understated character to any home. It’s great for those who want the additional interest that grilles provide, but don’t want grilles obstructing all parts of the glass.

Farmhouse Window Grids

The minimalism of a Cross pattern is common in farmhouse-style homes. This pattern can be recognized by two simple lines across the window, one vertical and one horizontal. Modern farmhouse design showcases large windows with grilles that maximize both light and style. Black farmhouse windows paired with simple equally divided grid lines, white siding and rustic furnishings create a comfortable and stylish look.

diamond-paned window over a wood counter

Custom Window Grilles

On the off chance that you don’t find a standard grille design that accomplishes your vision, cook up your own plan and have it specially crafted. Custom networks can go from jewel window grilles to adjust and enlivening grilles. The conceivable outcomes are almost huge and reach to the furthest extent that your creative mind would be able. We love the manner in which custom windows and grilles lift a home and cause it to feel genuinely exceptional.

Window Grids or No Grids

Picking the choice about whether to add grilles is a typical plan challenge that numerous property holders experience. Grilles are not obsolete. As a matter of fact, they are fundamental for particular sorts of engineering and add configuration interest to homes. Window grilles are trademarks in conventional, frontier, farmhouse and skilled worker plan. If you have any desire to add extraordinary person to your home, lattices are a simple method for doing as such. Anyway, when would it be advisable for you to think about not utilizing frameworks? For homes with super current style, unhampered glass offers a perfect and smooth look.

In the event that you decide to add window frameworks, they make certain to bring configuration interest to your home. From straightforward and smooth to resplendent and verifiable, there are innumerable ways of assisting your style with window networks. Have more inquiries? Contact a Home Revive master to discuss how grilles can raise your home.