Remodeling your home? Consider how these window design ideas can enhance your space and complement your home improvement project.

When it comes to home remodel ideas, the opportunities are endless. You could start with a simple house project that focuses on surface level, cosmetic changes. These projects are usually easier to complete, like painting, staining or adding storage. Or, you could dive into a larger renovation project such as upgrading siding, roofing, countertops, tile, flooring or carpet. Many homeowners like to take this opportunity to reap the benefits of replacement windows – improving energy efficiency, aesthetics and home value all in one project. Let’s explore some clever ways to incorporate windows into your home remodel.

1. Kitchen Window Ideas

Two of the most popular home improvement projects homeowners tackle today are kitchen and bathroom remodels. Both projects provide an opportunity to rethink the use of windows and doors in your space. According to research from the National Association of Realtors, kitchen and bath renovations are both in the top five projects that not only have appeal to home buyers but also return value to sellers.

If a kitchen renovation is part of your project, consider how you can incorporate windows into the design. The addition of natural light and refreshing breezes will make your space feel more usable and inviting. A common idea for incorporating windows into the kitchen is to place a window above the kitchen sink. This allows you to keep an eye on kids playing outside while washing dishes or making dinner.

Another way to incorporate windows into your kitchen is by substituting backsplash tile with awning windows. This reimagined backsplash area will allow for increased airflow and improved functionality, plus it can go a long way towards updating the overall look and feel your kitchen.

2. Bathroom Window Renovations

To brighten up a dark, outdated bathroom, try replacing old tile with white tile and consider adding a window to an existing wall for an added boost of natural light. Adding a window high on the wall is an excellent option where privacy is a concern. Selecting obscure or frosted glass for bathroom windows is another way to allow light into the space while also maintaining privacy.

Another window idea for a bathroom remodel is to add one to the shower or above a bathtub. This creates a bright, spa-like atmosphere complete with serene natural light. Before adding a new window, consider how it would look from both the interior and exterior of your home. The type of window, color, hardware and grilles you choose should complement the overall design of your home and add interest, rather than distract.

3. Exterior Home Remodel Ideas

Windows and window trim play an important role in curb appeal and exterior home design. Altering the colors or size of your windows can completely change the style and aesthetic of your home’s exterior. It makes for an amazing before-and-after transformation that will leave your neighbors wondering if it’s even the same house.

If you’re already updating the exterior of your home with new siding or roofing, consider adding a sunroom to your home’s floorplan. Large floor-to-ceiling windows improve both the interior and exterior of your home, allowing natural light to flood in and creating an obvious connection with outdoor dining areas. You can also renovate an existing room that borders exterior walls, transforming it into a sunroom by adding numerous windows.

4. Window Rearrangements

Maybe your space just has two single windows, or maybe you have side-by-side windows. Regardless of your current setup, a remodel presents the chance to play with the arrangement of your windows. For homeowners looking to let in abundant light or perhaps create a connection with their natural surroundings, a wall of windows or a picture window can be a great solution. Some decide to rearrange windows by stacking them in series or creating one expansive opening out of what used to be several smaller windows.

5. Transom and Sidelight Windows

Embellish the look of your window or door with the addition of a transom window above it or a sidelight on one or both sides. Transoms and sidelights give homeowners the opportunity to create a unique design while letting more natural light into a space. Some homeowners may prefer an operable transom, like a small awning window, above their standard window, while others may prefer the more formal look of a fixed elliptical transom with decorative glass. Either way, adding transom or sidelight windows brings design interest and beauty to any room in the house.

6. Replacing Windows with Doors

While you’re considering how you want your dream space to operate, you may discover the functionality of your current windows don’t fully serve you. As the desire for indoor-outdoor living spaces continues to grow, many homeowners find they want easier access to the outdoors from their remodeled spaces. For instance, what once used to be two single-hung windows might better serve you as a patio door.

7. Window Finishes and Colors

Windows are available in a wide range of color options far beyond your standard white or black. Would a dark green window exterior complement your natural surroundings? Or perhaps you’d like to freshen up the exterior of your home with black aluminum cladding on your wood windows. Some windows are even offered with different interior and exterior colors so you can tailor your replacement windows to suit your style. When thinking through your house remodeling ideas, consider how changing the color or finish of your windows could transform the look of the space.

Whether you’re remodeling one room or your entire house, there are many ways to incorporate windows into your project plans. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to get new windows, review the 5 signs your windows need replaced to help make the decision clearer.